Welcome to another year! It’s been a while. That’s life! I saw John Lewis were having a Black Friday sale and bought a few beard products. First up, Acqua Di Parma. They’re a high end Italian luxury brand and were founded in 1916. Over 100 years old! I’ve got their Oud Eau De Parfum and it’s fantastic. It’s a special occasion fragrance though.

It comes with the standard Acqua Di Parma packaging; the bright yellow cylinder. It’s probably the best looking packaging out there and it’s quite distinct. The bottle matches too.

You get roughly 30ml of serum in the bottle. I managed to pick this up in the John Lewis Black Friday sale (eww) for £29.60. It normally costs £39. You can also get it direct from Acqua Di Parma for the same price. I personally wouldn’t buy this full price as it’s a bit too expensive for me but the sale price does make it a bit more bearable.

The serum is different to anything else I’ve used. I thought it had gone off the first time I used it! It starts off quite greasy and slippery but once it absorbs into the beard – my god. It’s otherworldly! I’ve used about 3 squirts for my beard. It absorbs in so nicely and makes the beard so fucking soft! Best to use if after washing it and letting it soak in as the beard dries.

The ingredient list is quite extensive but the key ingredients are sweet almond oil and grape seed oils. I’m guessing the other ingredients are to get the serum it’s effect. It smells like what you’d imagine a classic barber shop to smell like – “traditionally masculine”.

If it was a bit more affordable, I’d use this every day. For now, it’s getting saved for special occasions!

Also, we went away for New Years and I took some photos which matched the colour scheme.

It also matched the door to our Airbnb.

Next up, we have the Oud beard oil by Tom Ford!