Long time no see! Life has generally been busy and I’ve been trying to use up the backlog of beard oils. I was almost down to single digits! I was in The Body Shop buying a food spray for my smelly feet and I noticed they did a beard oil so I got one!

The Body Shop is a UK based cosmetics company and they’ve been around for years! You can find them on most high streets and they seem to be doing pretty well! They pride themselves on producing products using ethically sourced, natural ingredients. They care about where their products come from.

I’m not sure how long they’ve sold a beard oil for but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It makes sense for them to offer one as they’re known for the natural ingredients which is what you want to see in a beard oil!

The oil costs £15 for 30ml which tends to be the standard for beard oils. It’s quite reasonable for this product as it has a list of high quality ingredients to justify the price tag. You’re not just paying for a brand. You’re also able to purchase this online from The Body Shop.

The main ingredients are organic coconut oil. organic babassu oil and soya oil. The scent is tones of sage, clove and cedar. I’ve been using the oil the past week and its left my beard feeling extra soft and in great condition. The itch beneath the beard has been minimal and it’s been glistening in the heatwave. Also, the oil is 100% vegan.

The scent is amazing. The cedar is subtle and you get the nice scent of the sage and clove which brings the freshness. It’s long lasting and it’s nice to get the occasional whiff of the scent. It smells like a eau de parfum I’ve used in the past but I can’t put my finger on it.

The bottle features a twist lock dispenser which is great for travelling. Each squirt dispenses a good amount of oil. For shorter beards, one will be enough. For longer beards, 2-4 will be ideal.

Would I recommend this beard oil? Absolutely yes!

Check out The Body Shop here!

To be honest, I’d completely forgotten about The Body Shop. They look like they do a lot of good mens grooming products and it’s all quite reasonably priced. It definitely won’t be the last thing I buy from them!

Until next time!