Bulldog have been around for a while and have consistently produced a high quality range of products for all skin types and all sorts of purposes. I used their oil control face products way way back and I’ve always been happy with them. It’s long overdue, but today I’ll be reviewing their Original Beard Oil.

If you’ve ever visited the men’s section when shopping for toiletries, you probably would’ve seen Bulldog products. They’re everywhere. They do products for face, body, beard and shaving. They’re good quality and well priced so they’re great value for money. All the products are vegetarian and vegan friendly and boast an impressive range of ingredients. They’re also certified cruelty free.

The beard oil is 30ml and costs £5.50 online. The price will vary as lots of retailers have offers on Bulldog. For example, Boots currently have 1/3 off on Bulldog products. Even at full price, it’s still very affordable. The beard oil is make in the UK using ethically sourced ingredients. If you’re conscious about products, Bulldog are fine.

The key ingredients in the oil are aloe vera, camelina and green tea. They complement each other well and are very effective when it comes to conditioning your beard. Other ingredients include sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil and soybean oil. A nice combination of oils.

The scent is the same as the rest of the Original range, which comes from the aloe vera, camelina and green tea. It is a very pleasant scent and not overpowering.

The quality of the oil is very impressive for the price. It’s not runny at all and doesn’t leave that awful wiry effect in the beard. Instead, it penetrates the beard superbly and leaves it shiny and soft. Exactly what you’d want from a beard oil.


Bulldog are a brilliant brand with lots of different products for all skin types. The beard oil is well priced and great value for money. It’s great for beards and you won’t be disappointed!

Check the full Bulldog product range here!