So I buy a lot of things. And I decided I’d review them for you. Hopefully you’ll find the information useful and will consider getting the product for yourself or someone you know!

Just to add, I bought this with my hard earned money. I’ve used FEG for a loooong time and I’m very happy with their products! Basically, I ain’t being given stuff to tell you how good it is (yet!)

So a little history. Fellows Essential Gentlemen, which is now going as FellowsFH (For him, for her, for home), is a company which produces home-made, cruelty free products for men, women and the home.

Now I’m only going to be reviewing some mens stuff, as I’m not a woman and I haven’t had a chance to get some of their home stuff.

FellowsFH make products for beards, shaving, shower, hair and face. Beard balms, beard oils, shower gel, beard shampoo and conditioner, face washes, shaving oil, shaving balms etc. The list goes on! You can buy the majority of your grooming products from there.

So anyways, into the reviews!


Fruit Twist Aftershave Balm


I use this for my neck when I get that nice clean neckline. The whole point of aftershave balm is to soothe and reduce the irritation to your skin whilst shaving. There’s no burn with this product like you might get with other aftershave balms.

Fruit twist has a nice summery scent to it, almost like a bag of sweets. Looking at the ingredients list, the product contains sweet orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.

There’s no harsh chemicals, it isn’t tested on animals and it’s suitable for vegans!



Funky Fresh Face Wash


My first time trying a FellowsFH face wash. I’m used to using Clinique so I thought I’d grab one to try.

The face wash is described as gentle, refreshing and invigorating. The core ingredients are peppermint, spearmint and tea tree so you can expect a very refreshing scent! Admittedly, it is a bit toothpasty, but it’s not the worst smell in the world!

Overall, a good product which cleanses the face and keeps you feeling fresh, However, I’m not a massive fan of the scent so for me, it’s a



Arctic Blast + Fruit Twist Beard Shampoo

The FellowsFH Beard Shampoos are fantastic! Straight up. They’re great for keeping your beard in good condition and cleaning all the shit out of it. I shampoo mine every other morning.

Arctic Blast has a scent very similar to Funky Fresh, but replaces the peppermint with thyme so it’s slightly less minty. Less toothpasty. It’s a blast of arctic in the morning!

I’ve already gone through the Fruit Twist scent earlier.

All in all, fantastic product, available in 2 sizes (100g and 250g) and very well priced!



Citrus Forest + Coconut and Lime Beard Conditioner

Ok so the conditioners go best with the beard shampoo as a combo. It’d be weird using the conditioner without any shampoo. The conditioner softens the beard hair and keeps it nice and healthy. I shampoo my beard in the shower, wring the moisture out of my beard then put in the conditioner whilst I wash the rest of my naked body.

Citrus forest has a scent of sweet orange, lime, cedarwood, sandalwood and pine. It is literally a citrus forest. It’s quite a traditional beard scent with the woody flavour but adds a twist with the citrus. Quite an autumnal (favourite word) scent but works all year round!

Coconut and lime is what it says. It’s coconut and lime. I loooove coconuts and this scent is probably my favourite!



The beautiful thing about Fellows is that you can buy the same scent across all different products. Like fruit twist? Get the beard oil, balm, shampoo and conditioner!


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