So I decided to delve into the wonderful world of ergonomic mechanical keyboards and pulled the trigger on a Mistel Barocco RGB with Cherry MX Blue switches!

Here’s a series of photos of it coming out of it’s shell and the transition it undertook to become suitable for my fingertips:


It comes in a nice compact box, with the two parts in separate boxes. Looks more like a box for a CPU heatsink than a keyboard!


And here it is outside of the box! Looks like a normal 60% keyboard, right?




Here it is plugged in looking all pretty and shit. Each keyboard part connects to one another via a male to male micro USB cable. It then connects to the device (my computer) via a mini USB cable. There is also another micro USB slot on the back to use with an external Number pad. A little bit of research shows that Mistel do make a Number pad, the Mistel Freeboard, which would look dope as hell, but I rarely use the Number pad!


Caps removed! There’s a nice white backplate and clear switch tops which help make the RGB lights a lot more vibrant.


SA PuLSE! Probably my favourite key cap set. It’s difficult finding a keyboard worthy of it’s use, but I think the Barocco has earned it.


I just need to find some SA mini space bars now!