Hello! Your friendly clinical audiologist checking in! Here to remind your of the importance of protecting yourself from excessive sound levels! I work in an environment which mainly deals with presbycusis but the amount of noise induced hearing loss I deal with is rising! That’s why it’s important you don’t expose yourself to excessive sound levels for prolonged periods of time.

Now I love music. If I’m not working or sleeping, I’m listening to something. The two most important thing I’ve found in headphones/earphones/iems/whatever is the fit of them, and background noise levels. They go hand in hand. With a good fitting pair of noise cancelling headphones, background noise levels are reduced so you can listen to your music at a much lower volume resulting in less chance of any damage. With the fit of the headphones, you want to ensure they’re creating a good seal to reduce ambient noise. All basic stuff.

Now, safe sound levels. This can be applied to pretty much any noise generating thing, and it’s good to know! So, to put it sweetly, 85dB is safe for 8 hours. If the sound increases by 3dB, the safe time halves. So 88dB is ok for 4 hours, 91dB for 2 hours etc.

And please remember, 100dB is ten times louder than 90dB!

Here’s a lil chart of safe levels of sound

What about distance you ask? Ok so this is not really something you guys can put into practice, but by doubling the distance between you and the source of the sound, you reduce the sound level by 6dB, which is quite a significant amount! Good if you work or are around something quite noisy!

Are you looking at ways to protect your hearing? Check here and here!

“Earplugs!? Oh hell no!” Hell yes! They can make a massive difference! They won’t block at all the sounds or certain sounds (assuming they have a flat attenuation) but will reduce sound levels.

Been to a gig? Got a ringing sound in your ears? Don’t panic! It should go away. However, sometimes it sticks around. If you’re concerned about tinnitus or any noises, look here!

Finally, if you are concerned about your hearing, look here!

Although I’d strongly recommend seeing a GP if you are concerned!

And to finish, I hope you spend your money on nice new headphones, not these!