So I had to order a phone charger off Amazon and I needed to spend a few more quid to get free delivery so I had a little browse and decided to get a little sample set of The Bearded Gent’s Beard Oil, comprising of 3 5ml squirty bottles of beard oil and a nice little pouch to keep them in.

So first of all, like I said, I paid for this product. I’m free to say whether it’s good or shit. Freedom! Hopefully they’ll be good so it’s money well spent!

Ok so the pouch. It’s pretty damn cool as far as pouches go! Now I’m not a drawstring pouch connoisseur but this appears to be semi decent quality, looks like it’ll last. I’ll definitely be reusing it somehow!

All the bottles are 5ml each and have a push squirt button thing to release the oil. The squirter doesn’t release a massive amount so you’ll have to pump a few times to get your desired load.


Baron Bergamot & Orange


Citrus heaven! Mainly orange but you get hints of lemon and lime too. Think more Waitrose premium orange juice rather than Sunny D. The ingredients are vitis vinifera seed oil, simmondsia chinesis oil. cannabis sativa oil and per fumus. Seems all natural.

It also says it’s bottle by hand. Seems difficult! Might advise would be to use a pipette. Poor fella.

Overall, nice little sample. Personally speaking, I’m not a massive fan of citrus scented beard oils, so I probably wouldn’t buy this, but that’s the beauty of sample sets! I’m not stuck with a big bottle of beard oil in my drawer for months!

Viscount Vanilla & Mango


Holy shit! Literally! Smells like toilet spray without the shitty toilet (thank god). I’ve tried lots of vanilla beard oils, mango beard oils, and vanilla and mango beard oils. Some work, some don’t. Unfortunately, this one isn’t quite right. The balance of the scents isn’t quite right and you end up with vanilla with a small hint of mango, which is what a lot of air fresheners seem to use.

Scent aside, the oil does leave your beard feeling soft and the skin in good condition. Ingredients the same as above but without the cannabis sativa oil.

Overall, thank god it’s only 5ml. Want a decent vanilla and mango beard oil? Wait for my next post!

Sir Sandalwood


Hm. I’m not quite sure. Sometimes it smells like a lovely autumnal forest, other times it smells like cow shit in a field. Then other times it smells like a rainy day? Strange!

The actual quality of the oil is good! Just let down by the god awful scent. Same ingredients as Baron Bergamot & Orange.


Try at your own risk!



Overall, a good quality set of oils. Unfortunately, the scents I received have been god awful, except for the Baron Bergamot & Orange which just isn’t too my personal taste. Buy it for the pouch, use different oils in it.