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Review: B. Men Beard Oil

Yes yes! Today we’re looking at a new beard oil from B. Men, a vegan and cruelty free product range for men by Superdrug. The range covers most daily items except for a face wash, unless I just didn’t see it in store. Who knows! At the time of buying, all the products are buy one get one free, so I technically got this product for free with another purchase. Still came out of my own pocket though!

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Review: L’Oréal Men’s Expert Barber Club

Hello! I’m back with a little review of the new L’Oréal Men’s Expert Barber Club range (well, 3/4 of it). I used L’Oréal Men’s Experts products quite a lot and I think they’re brilliant! Especially for the price. L’Oréal are a massive company so they know a thing or two about health and beauty. And now they can look after our beards!

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My guide to looking after your beard

As seen on the Beard Lab Beard Blog. You’ll also spot some of my keyboards!

Brush it, don’t comb!

I find combing my beard rips a lot of the hairs out so I only comb the hair on the top of my head! A brush will keep your beard neat and can get rid of that awful itch we sometimes get. It’s good to brush after oiling your beard because it’ll help spread the oil through your beard and down to your skin. Try not to brush your beard when it’s wet as that’s when the hair is most fragile. Get it as dry as possible before! Brush from the bottom to the top.


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