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Brush it, don’t comb!

I find combing my beard rips a lot of the hairs out so I only comb the hair on the top of my head! A brush will keep your beard neat and can get rid of that awful itch we sometimes get. It’s good to brush after oiling your beard because it’ll help spread the oil through your beard and down to your skin. Try not to brush your beard when it’s wet as that’s when the hair is most fragile. Get it as dry as possible before! Brush from the bottom to the top.


Wash and condition, but not too much

I wash and condition my beard every other day. Being dark skinned, my skin is naturally extra oily so I probably wash it more than most people do. I only use beard wash and beard conditioner as I find normal shampoo and conditioner leaves my beard too dry. I’ll only use it as a last resort! Try to get the water out of your beard before you condition it.


Balms and oils

Ah the old debate! Balm or oil? I use oils most the time, but I find balms keep the beard a bit more tame so I’ll use balm before a night out. I’ve gone through hundreds of different oils to find the perfect one but I don’t believe such thing exists. Find an oil which keeps your beard looking healthy and one that smells good!



Trimming? Find a good barber!

A good barber will know the best way to trim your beard. Everyone’s beard is different, they grow in different ways and to certain lengths so it’s important to keep it well maintained.

The key here is to communicate with your barber. Tell them how you want it so they’re not guessing. They might end up taking too much off!