So my name is Amrit. I’m a 26 year old Audiologist and I have a few obscure hobbies.

A bit more about me, I’ve lived in the UK all my life. I was brought up in an Indian house so I consider myself a British Asian. Quite self explanatory. Growing up in a middle-class predominantly white area has caused no problems for me. In fact, I’m very fortunate for my upbringing. My parents, family and friends have done everything to support me in one way or another and I’m very grateful for that. Unfortunately, my parents can’t read English so they’ll never understand this. Nah I’m only fucking with you! Of course they can!

Now a bit more what this blog will be about. So my main interests are hearing, mechanical keyboards, keto, and beard related things. I also dabble in computers, mens grooming, vaping, and fucking good food. Yeah, a lot of people will not find this blog interesting, but I might throw in a few screwballs here and there.

To elaborate! For hearing, it’s my job. I need to know about upcoming technology and devices which can improve the lifestyle of my patients. Expect to read about new hearing aids and general information about ears. If I have to do some research into any unusual conditions I come across, I’ll leave some information here.

Mechanical keyboards. Or the money drain as I like to call it. To put it simply, a mechanical keyboard is a computer keyboard that uses mechanical switches for all the keys. These switches vary depending on what your preference is. I own 6 mechanical keyboards. These are:

  1. A self assembled Clueboard (65% keyboard) with Cherry MX Blue switches (and a few MX Greens for certain keys) with a GMK Skeletor keycap set and a Pexon custom cable.
  2. A self assembled Planck (40% ortholinear keyboard) which also has a combination of Cherry MX Blue and Green. This one has a DSA Royal Navy keycap set and a Pexon custom cable.
  3. A Pok3r (60%) with Cherry MX Blue switches. I swap out the caps on these quite often but its got a Tai Hao Dolch set on there at the moment.
  4. An ISO Novatouch (TKL)! After finding out it’s been discontinued by Cooler Master, I’ve put it back in the box.
  5. A WASD V2 (TKL). This has Cherry MX Blues and a PuLSE SA set.
  6. Ducky DK1008 (full size). This has Green Alps switches and a Tai Hao Olivette set. I bought this one second hand and I’m in the process of replacing the switches with Matias Click switches

I’m not planning on buying any more keyboards but I’ll always make changes to the ones I have. Expect build photos and videos of any changes I make!

Keto is a weird diet I’ve been doing for the past 6 months. I’ve lost over 2 stone in weight purely by changing what I eat. Keto is essentially a low carb/sugar high fat diet. Yeah, I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s worked for me! Expect information about foods I make and foods I eat.

Beards! The latest craze! I’ve been growing mine for about 18 months and I’ve tried looooads of different products to keep it in its best condition! Expect reviews about products I use. This will include beard oils, balms, shampoo, conditioner, brushes and even shaving equipment! Gotta get them cheek and necklines nice and clean!

My other interests will pop up now and then.

Buckle up.