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New Year, New Keeb Case

After a busy few months, I’ve kinda neglected my keyboards a bit! I’ve even started selling old keyboard stuff on eBay! I’ve got 2 keyboards to build but I haven’t had the time due to running and gym and cooking and mainly just looking after myself.

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How To Build A Mechanical Keyboard Part. 2

So the rest of my parts arrived from the far east! Got my stabilisers and a shit load of LEDs.

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How To Build A Mechanical Keyboard Part. 1

The best keyboard is one you’ve built yourself.

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This is my every day keyboard. It’s a 65% mechanical keyboard with an acrylic case. Most commonly known as a Clueboard. So it’s 65% of a full size keyboard. Think of it as a 60% with arrow keys and some more function keys.

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CoolerMaster Novatouch ISO with PuLSE SA

Let me introduce to you my pride and joy!

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Winter is over, bring on Spring!

Time for a little (literally) keyboard update!

So I decided to change things up. My Pok3r has a black aluminium case which is great, but it doesn’t look great with light coloured key caps. Here it is as the moment:


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An Introduction

So my name is Amrit. I’m a 26 year old Audiologist and I have a few obscure hobbies.

A bit more about me, I’ve lived in the UK all my life. I was brought up in an Indian house so I consider myself a British Asian. Quite self explanatory. Growing up in a middle-class predominantly white area has caused no problems for me. In fact, I’m very fortunate for my upbringing. My parents, family and friends have done everything to support me in one way or another and I’m very grateful for that. Unfortunately, my parents can’t read English so they’ll never understand this. Nah I’m only fucking with you! Of course they can!

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