This is my every day keyboard. It’s a 65% mechanical keyboard with an acrylic case. Most commonly known as a Clueboard. So it’s 65% of a full size keyboard. Think of it as a 60% with arrow keys and some more function keys.


It’s a DIY kit so the keyboard has to be assembled and the switches have to be soldered onto the PCB. I went with a combination of Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Green. Most of the alphanumericals and modifiers are Blue for a simple click and the space, enter and backspace keys are Green, which give a click but require a bit more force to register a key press.

When I received my kit, Clueboard were going through a revamp so I had to search the internet for an assembly guide (there are a few different acryclic layers). Luckily, I found a guide on Imgur which helped me out a lot!


Here it is fully assembled! I didn’t have a full key cap set so I stuck on a Tai Hao Olivette set as a place holder before my GMK Skeletor set came in. The Clueboard features 14 RGB LEDs on the bottom of the PCB so you get a nice ambient glow on your desk. Very nice! If it ain’t your thing, they can be turned off.


They can match any set! I went for neutral colours for the acrylic so I can mix and match the board with any key cap set. I have an extra acrylic layer in white to match it with a lighter key cap set if needed.


And here’s the final product! I got a matching custom USB cable from Pexon PCs to match the GMK Skeletor set. Next on the shopping list is 2 nice artisan keys for PgUp and PgDn. In good time!

All about that 65%!