So the rest of my parts arrived from the far east! Got my stabilisers and a shit load of LEDs.

I’m gonna skip the boring stuff and go straight into the process. See part 1 for a list of what you’ll need.


So here’s the process.

  1. Insert stabilisers into PCB.
  2. Insert switches into backplate.
  3. Insert switches and backplate into the PCB.
  4. Solder the switches.
  5. Insert LEDs, making sure the positive pin goes through the positive socket.
  6. Solder LEDs.
  7. Put keycaps on.
  8. Finished!

Here’s a short timelapse video of my build, with some helpful annotations

Simple as that! It’s a time consuming process but it’s worthwhile!



Just in case you missed it, here’s part 1