Yeah yeah, I know. A man with a beard telling how to shave. I get it all the time. BUT! I still gotta keep them clean cheek lines and neck lines. And here’s how I do it!

First! Get a nice exfoliate. I use Clinique for men. It’s like sand and is sure to get rid of all of them shitty skin cells. Also helps to lift the beard hairs.

Clinique For Men Face Scrub

NEXT! Get yourself a nice shaving material. I’ve used them all! Foams, creams, oils etc. I find oils the best, mainly because an oil will allow me to see my beard and ensure that I don’t shave too much!


American Crew Shaving Oil (Since I bought it, they’ve changed the bottle)

ROUND 3! The main round! Find yourself a decent razer. I’ve recently switched to a double edged safety razer and I ain’t going back! Such a close shave, and blades are £2 for 10. Very sustainable! Plus they look badass

Weishi 9306-E Double Edge Safety Razor

The final and arguably the most important is the balm. This seals off all the exposed pores and stops irritation. Get a nice soothing one and you won’t get the burn. Here’s what I use

Neal’s Yard Remedies Calming Aftershave Balm

And there you have it! Keep them cheeks clean and them beards long!

And just the usual blah blah, I bought these products with my own money. No one sends me free shit 😦