Happy new year everyone! Today we’re looking at some pomades. I’ve used a tub of each of these in the past and I’ve bought them again for the review. There are no winners! Only good pomades. A pomade is a hair product which gives your hair a nice shine to it. Slick! I’m gonna be keeping the reviews nice and simple

Bedfordshire Beard Company Deluxe Pomade


So first up, we got the Bedfordshire Beard Company Deluxe Pomade!Good points-smells fruity-washes out very easily-doesn’t leave shit in your hair-good price-local independent company

Apothecary 87 Manitoba Pomade


Next up we got the Apothecary 87 Manitoba Pomade. -smells like maple-easy to wash out-nice hold and good shine-bit more expensive than other pomadesNOTE! Despite being £15 on the store, Apothecary 87 normally have a discount code available, so you probably won’t spend that much.

Reuzel Water Soluble Pomade


Almost there! Here we got the Reuzel Water Soluble Pomade.

-smells like bacon

-nah not really. Smell is different. Kinda like greasy make up? But it’s not a bad smell at all

-easy to wash out

-very nice shine. Good hold. Tip top.

Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold


Finally! Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold. This one is a bit different to the others

-heavy hold

-not water soluble so doesn’t wash out easily.

-perfect for a rainy day

-has a very nice sweet smell to it

-best smeller

So there we have it. Short and sweet. Pomades are fantastic for a shiny look. Just don’t use too much of it! Live in a place where it rains a lot? Don’t get a water soluble one or else it’ll run into your eyes and it stings!