Decided to treat myself to a new double edged safety razor. I remember the first one I got and how I didn’t know how to get the blades in so I thought I’d save someone else the same trouble I had! Let’s look more into this

The Razor

I bought a Weishi 9306C Double Edged Safety Razor and some Derby razor blades. I paid £21.55 in total, although the price for the blades has actually decreased a bit since I bought them (3 days ago!!) and it’s now £8.


The razor is made from a heavy copper alloy and it’s got a good weight to it, 65g to be precise. It’s black too, which I love.


It comes with a little brush to clean the hairs out, saving you from unscrewing it after each shave. Clean blades means they’ll last longer and you’ll get a better shave each time.

Ok so let’s get to the good stuff! How to put a blade in! Once I found out, I was kicking myself. Basically, the bottom rotates which opens up the top, allowing you to put a blade in.

Once the blade is in, you’re good to go!

You get 100 blades for £8, which works out to be 8p per blade. Money wise, double edged safety razors are lot more cost effective than using a ‘normal’ razor like a Gilette with 5 blades. Now I shave every day, but never a full shave (obviously). I do my cheeks daily and my neck weekly. A blade can last me a couple of weeks before it starts feeling a bit rough. For me, this is the most cost effective shave.

Also, I get a much closer and comfortable shave with a single blade. Who needs 5?!


The Routine

Everyone has a routine, don’t they? Being Indian, I’m blessed/cursed with naturally oily skin, I mainly use oil control products. Best to find out what works for you! Anyways, here’s what I do

I start by exfoliating. A nice good scrub to get rid of all them shitty skin cells. I then wash it off, so there’s nothing left on my face for my next step!


The shave! I use a shave oil so I can see what I’m shaving. Nothing worse than shaving too much off! Like I said earlier, I do my cheeks daily, neck weekly.


Gotta brush them tiggers! Minty fresh. I swear by Beverly Hills Formula tooth paste! It has the nicest freshness to it and it’s not overly minty. Finish it off with some mouth wash.

One final wash to really get rid of anything leftover (like shave oil or toothpaste) and then I finish off with some moisturiser to keep my skin nice and smooth.

I hope someone will benefit from this