*but not a beard consumable.

I know everyone does it. Your brother, secret Santa, your boyfriend; they have a beard. What do you buy them? A beard oil? Or a beard balm?

Well, why not something a bit different?

Bedfordshire Beard Co. Travel Essentials Kit – £44.99


Ok, so I guess you could count this as a beard consumable, but you do get a bit more than that. You get 2x 10ml bottles of beard oil, 1 mini beard balm, 1 50ml beard wash, a pair of trimming scissors and a comb, as well as a leather wash bag to keep it in! You get to choose which scents you want too!

They won’t be disappointed!

Get it here:

Bedfordshire Beard Co. Travel Essentials Kit



Sweyn Forkbeard Safety Razor SF2 + Leather Pouch – £23.00


If you nice clean cheek lines a nice clean neck line, you’ll need a decent razor. I’d recommend either a cut throat or, if you’re scared of slicing your neck like me, a double edge safety razor. The only blood I get after doing my cheeks is because I got a close ass shave!

Sweyn Forkbeard have you covered with their safety razor. It’s weight is ideal for a close shave with minimal risk of razor burn or skin irritation.

It even comes with a leather pouch to keep it nice and safe!

Know someone who still uses a Gilette Mach 3? Get them one of these.

Get it here:

Sweyn Forkbeard Safety Razor SF2 + Pouch



Beardy Man Plant Pot – £12



Something completely different! I know a lot of people are growing plants and vegetables so why not get a beardy plant pot? You can choose two design, either curly or coiffed. You can also add on a matching coaster to protect his desk or table. You could also go a step further and get him some compatible plant pots. It takes 7cm plant pots. Now I’m not a plant pot expert so you’ll have to find them on your own!

Buy it here:

Beardy Man Plant Pot



Glitter Beard Kit – £15


He’ll hate you for this.

A simple kit to glitter up his beard. Perfect for the festive season. Enough glitter for multiple uses. Ideal for the work Christmas party and Christmas day!

Get it here:

Glitter Beard Kit



Kent PF22 Oval Grooming Brush – £11


A classic Kent beard brush. Great for keeping the beard tidy, perfect when combined with a balm with a little bit of a hold. Also great for the hair on top of your head too! I use it on my head to get a nice strong parting line without having one cut in.

Buy it here:

Kent PF22 Oval Brush

Wanna take it to the next level? Kent do 100% hand made brushes which are very expensive but they’ll be very high quality. Check out it here: Kent MHN2T.



Remington Beard Trimmer MB320C – £22.99


A simple beard trimmer. Great for getting rid of stray beard hairs and keeping it nice and tidy. Also very easy to use. It’s rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about cables getting in the way.  It has 9 preset lengths so it’ll be fine for all beard lengths.

Check it out here:

Remington Beard Trimmer MB320C