Hello again! Today we’re looking at a couple of products from Murdock London. They’re a team of barbers who have created a range of products which would allow anyone to take the barbershop experience home. They do products for hair, shaving, beard, face & body and colognes. They also do a range of gifts using aforementioned products.

The two products I’ll be looking at today are the beard shampoo and the beard moisturiser. I bought them online from TK Maxx for £10 per item. Normally, the shampoo costs £20 and the moisturiser costs £24, so I ended up getting both for less than half price. I think the reason they were reduced is due the Murdock changing the packaging of their products. The new products on their website, as seen here, have a dark blue bottle, which is the same across the whole range.

As you can see, these both have the old style packaging. Not a deal breaker, still looks great! So, let’s go a bit deeper, starting with…

Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

A beard moisturiser is like a leave in conditioner. IT’s kinda in between a balm and an oil. It penetrates the skin beneath the beard and helps reduce itchiness whilst giving the beard a mild hold. Unlike some balms, this doesn’t leave that greasy feeling in your beard.

I’d recommend using it after a shower, after drying your beard as much as you can. I blow dry my beard now which helps it keep its shape. Combined with this product, it left my beard feeling nice and thick and it stayed that way the whole day!

I’d strongly recommend this product for the longer beard. For shorter beards or stubble, use something else.

Both products are scented with quince and oakmoss, so it’s fruity with a subtle woody tone. It smells great.

Murdock London Beard Shampoo

Next up we have the shampoo. Again, this is scented the same as the moisturiser; quince and oakmoss. 

The shampoo is very high quality using a top range of ingredients to help cleanse the beard, maintaining moisture and reducing itchiness. It’ll also help to detangle the beard hairs making it look neater and making it easier to style.

It lathers really well so a little goes a long way with this shampoo so don’t go using lots! The bottle will last a decent amount of time as you don’t have to use a large quantity.

There’s not much else to say! It’s a top quality shampoo and I’d highly recommend it.

Check out Murdock London here.

Until next time.