Hello! Got beard oils falling out my ass. Today we’re looking at the ManCave Blackspice beard oil. ManCave are quite a well known company who do all sorts of mens grooming products. You may have seen them in Waitrose and a few other supermarkets. You can also get them from online retailers. I did. I was a few quid short of free delivery on Amazon so I bought this beard oil for just under £5. It’s now £7 on Amazon so I must’ve got it when a deal was on!

So you get a nice 50ml plastic bottle of oil with a flip top. The bottle isn’t flimsy so squeezing it to get the contents out doesn’t result in a BP-esque oil spill.

The oil itself has a good consistency. If you hold the bottle upside down with the lid open, no oil comes out. It’s not too runny and is absorbed really well into the beard. 

The oil cruelty free and vegan. If you’re into that. It doesn’t contain any parabens, sulphates, synthetic dye, mineral oils, petrolatum and they’re not tested on animals. It’s made from British waters and is made in the UK. So it is an ethically produced product.

The blackspice scent is a foresty scent. Many beard oil companies have a ‘forest’ scent and no one really gets it wrong. It’s a tried and tested scent. To be honest, the first time I smelled a forest scent I wasn’t a massive fan, but it’s definitely grown on me. But it wouldn’t be my go to scent.

ManCave have used an impressive ingredient list on this product, especially for the price! The key ingredients are argan oil, sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, bergamot fruit oil, mandarin orange peel oil, pepper fruit oil and ginger root oil. Absolutely brilliant for the price, and impressive for a larger company!

To summarise, a fantastic beard oil for the price and available from lots of retailers.

Check out the product info here!

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Until next time!