It’s me again! Reviewing another one of my TK Maxx purchases. This time, I’m reviewing the Men Rock beard shampoo. I haven’t reviewed a beard shampoo in a while (I’ve been using the B. Men Beard Cleanser for the past few months) so it makes a nice change!


There it is! It’s got a full on scent of Sicilian lime which is lovely and fresh. It smells looovely, just a shame the smell doesn’t stick! I suppose it’s the same with all beard shampoos.

Looking at the Men Rock website, they have 3 different shampoos and 3 matching beard balms. If I didn’t have a drawer full of oils and balms, I’d definitely buy a balm to try out!

So this also has caffeine in it, so don’t be surprised if Jamie Oliver tries to prohibit it’s sale to under 16’s. It’s an active ingredient so it should give you a lil boost in the mornings, although I imagine the effect is very minimal. If it works, it’s a good bonus!

Beard shampoo is beard shampoo, don’t expect it to work miracles. It’ll just kinda reset your beard and make it oil/balm ready. I wash mine every morning in the shower. Remember, a little goes a long way.


The shampoo normally retails for £12.50 but I paid a nice £4.00 for it.


Interested? Check it out here!



Thanks for reading!