Hello! I’m slowly getting through the TK Maxx products I bought. This time, we’re having a look at the Bobo’s Beard Co beard oils. I got two, the vanilla scented one and the peppermint and patchouli scented one.


Both oils more or less have the same ingredient list, with the main ingredients being argan oil, grape oil and coconut oil. The vanilla contains vanilla oil and the other contains, surprise surprise, peppermint and patchouli oil. Argan oil is naturally high in vitamin E which helps maintain healthy skin.


As you can see, these were both an absolute bargain. £12 for £36 worth of beard oil. Both bottles are 50ml and have a screw top. There’s no pipette so you gotta use it carefully, otherwise it will go everywhere!


The vanilla is really nice and subtle, like a pure vanilla. Think more white chocolate than vanilla ice cream. It’s nice and subtle (I use that word a lot lol). I’ve had the peppermint and patchouli in the past and it’s probably one of my favourite beard oils. It’s fresh and mint with a little floral scent, but mainly mint. It’s a nice mint, and not a ‘I’ve got toothbrush in my beard’ mint.

Fantastic company, fantastic products.

Check out Bobo’s Beard Co, they do all sorts of stuff.