Hello again! So after completing an indoor skydive which involves wind up to 180mph, my beard was looking a bit messy. We ventured into Bedford town centre, fuelled by steak courtesy of Miller & Carter and we ended up in TK Maxx.

The reviews are not ready yet but I’ll show you what I bought, how much I paid and what it normally retails for.

So first up,

Men’s Society Beard Shampoo

Purchased for £6.99, I actually struggled to find the exact product being sold, but you can get a 50ml bottle from Men’s Society for £10, whereas this is a 300ml bottle. Which mathematically means the 300ml is worth £60. Although the label does say the RRP for 300ml is £12. Nice!

Zew Charcoal Beard Soap

I haven’t used a bar of soap for a while and I’ve never used one for my beard so this is all new territory for me. I paid £3.99, the label states the RRP is £8.99, and you can buy it for around £8.50 online. Still, less than half price! I’m looking forward to using this as it smells lovely! Check it out here!

Harper + Lee Moisturising Beard Oil

Yup, more beard oil. Purchased for £5.99, the label doesn’t have an RRP. Looking online, you can buy this for $10 online, but I couldn’t find it from any UK retailers. Smells good, nice ingredient list, looking forward to using this!

Menrock Awakening Beard Soap

Another beard shampoo. I went from running low to having quite a few now! I won’t be running out any time soon! Purchased for £4, RRP is £12 but I’ve seen it online for £8. Still an absolute bargain!

Bobo’s Beard Oil, Peppermint&Patchouli and Vanilla

Ah yes, Bobo’s! I was surprised to see this in a TK Maxx. I’ve used them before and they’re brilliant oils and now they get their own review! These were £5.99 each and normally retail for £17.99 each, as seen here and here. Even Eddy Hall uses Bobos so they must be doing something right!

Retail value of these products comes to £79.97, and I paid £32.95. Less than half price.

And that’s it!

Reviews to follow in the new few weeks.