Good evening! I’ve been away to Rotterdam and Amsterdam and I obviously had to pick up a couple of beard oils. I kinda set out to buy a beard oil so on the last day we went on a hunt for a barber shop. And we ended up at Cut Throat Barbers.

The place looked cool as hell, there’s a bar and restaurant there and you can get your haircut! The prices are quite expensive so go as a treat. I think haircuts are generally quite expensive in Amsterdam. This does also reflect on the prices of the product as this oil cost €15 for 10ml!! It better be a good product!

Here we can see the ingredient list. The usual suspects are present; including argan oil, sandalwood oil and bergamot oil. The oil is very thick and absorbs very well into a beard. It gives a beard a very good shine and makes it feel very soft. Thankfully, the price can be justified.

It uses the classic pipette, so can you quite accurately dispense the required amount of oil.

The scent is woody with a subtle citrus. That would be the sandalwood and the bergamot. It’s quite a common scent so nothing overly exciting, but still smells good.

Overall, a good quality beard product with a high price tag. There’s better for cheaper.

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